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Villa’de PIAR

Villa’de PIAR Features

Intertwined with Nature

PIAR in Villa, which is the first phase of its series in the Villa, has been specially designed in Silivri-Balaban, Istanbul for those who have been looking for tranquility, high concept and style, and want to live in nature.

Social Opportunities

Open air cinema in lush nature, nature sports track where all family members can have fun together and do sports, the opportunity to make a nature camp just 50 steps away.

Rest your soul

In the project, which consists of 41 nature houses with gardens in total, spread over a net area of 11.150 m², you can take your place in this special project this summer without waiting 1 year with its stylish and distinctive architectural design and favorable payment terms.

Top quality

All facilities like private indoor parking lots, site generator, energy saving central heating, double elevator.

Safe Structures

We did not hesitate to use all the innovations brought by technology. Concrete, steel and other building materials on all of Turkey’s standards.

Stress-free life

Do not confine yourself to green pots and balconies of 2 square meters. Hurry up to take part in the PIAR project in the Villa, where you can breathe a little and have a pleasant and quality time with your loved ones.