Turkey a golden opportunity for investors looking for investment opportunities abroad. With the rising real estate prices and fast circulation, the European and Middle Eastern investors who want to increase their money rapidly continue to own property with very attractive facilities with Arizon Yapı support. One of them, Omer Alamuidi, came from London and found us. We built a luxury apartment in Beylikduzu, Istanbul with an investment opportunity that he could earn a lot of time for himself. You can contact us immediately for your family or investment at an affordable price.

We continue to export housing! The most value-added investment property investment in our country. Foreign investors who want to increase their capital rapidly with increasing real estate prices frequently visit our country. We as Arizon Yapi tell them about our culture, our history and the beauty of Istanbul. (Mao Mallim) and his son, (Abdulkadir Mallim) who came to meet us on the recommendation of a customer who had purchased a house from us before, became the owner of an investment that rapidly gained value in İstanbul / Beylikdüzü by satisfied with the attractive prices the opportunities and the interest he had presented Also You can have a strong investment and a warm home for your family with reasonable prices with Arizon Yapı assurance.



For many years, Arizon Yapı has been providing services in various sectors such as construction, investment consultancy, real estate partnership.

The main objective of our company; high quality of life, provide income to investors, a comfortable living area, aesthetic and environmentally sensitive architecture fore.

Professional approach to bring our years of knowledge and experience in our projects among the sine qua non for us. In addition to the importance we attach to the experience of our employees and management staff, we also carry out the elections in our project partnerships with great care and diligence.

We combine advanced technology, knowledge and experience in every project for 10 years and ensure that it is in accordance with international quality standards. From the project stage to the after sales, every stage is undergoing a detailed and rigorous audit process, We never compromise on the continuity of our high quality by complying with legal requirements.

10 yıldır ürettiğimiz her projeyi, ileri teknolojiyi bilgi birikimimiz ve tecrübemiz ile harmanlıyor ve uluslararası kalite standartlarında olmasını sağlıyoruz. Proje aşamasından, satış sonrasına kadar her aşamada tüm aşamaları detaylı ve titiz bir şekilde denetim sürecinden geçiriyor, yasal gerekliliklere uyarak yüksek kalitemizin sürekliliğinden asla taviz vermiyoruz.






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Years Experience

Our Mission

To give value to the people who deserve the best in everything, we build our projects that suit the different requirements and needs according to their income, to make each family own a home of their own. Every house we build ourselves, as if we were his inhabitants.

Our Vision

In line with our mission, we place ourselves in the position of our future clients in each project, make plans according to actual needs, build the highest quality homes that each budget can reach and integrate the appropriate innovations into the absolute needs, all to make our customers satisfied.


Our values

Focus on peoples requirements

Honesty and trust



Working hard

Make use of your savings with Arizon.

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Our company has been working since the first day on a dynamic structure designed to provide the most qualified living space for its customers with the most appropriate conditions and making sure to keep abreast of developments and follow the innovations and developments in this sector.
In the past ten years, when the construction sector has changed rapidly, we have been keen to develop projects that will meet customer expectations best by keeping up with this change.